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Just waiting for what's next...
...Whatever that might be
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1st-Jan-2009 02:34 pm(no subject)
Happy New Year everyone :)
26th-Nov-2008 06:42 am(no subject)
We're headed to Denver for a few days today... I hope everyone has a good Thanksgiving!
1st-Nov-2008 04:06 pm(no subject)


Grey's and HouseCollapse )

I hope everybody that can vote will (if you already haven't). It's bumming me out that I'm not old enough :\
I did contribute $10 bucks to the Obama campaign today.  I feel kinda crappy about it, because I never gave any money to Hillary.

Also, went and walked houses for Gary Trauner (Dem running for congress here in Wyo), so I'm pretty exhausted. Wyoming is just about as red as you can get, but Gary has a really good chance, and I've been volunteering for him for about two months. My mom is going to excuse me from school on Tuesday so I can help out more then... It's going to be such a crazy day- there is no way I'm getting any sleep. And I have to go to school the next day ^_^

How are you guys?

31st-Aug-2008 03:36 pm(no subject)
Lisa omg
So my trip to the DNC was epic ^_^
25th-Aug-2008 09:14 am(no subject)
So.... It looks like I'm going to the convention. Just on Thursday. And just to pretty much loiter around and see what I can see. There's going to be so many people there, I mean there's a huge chance that I'll see someone, you know?

I would leave Thursday morning, get back Friday, which means I'd miss the first two days of school but.. Fuck that. I'm going Hillary hunting!!
23rd-Aug-2008 09:58 am(no subject)
Joe Biden picked as Barack Obama's running mate:

In other news.. Here's a few book reccomendations:

And that's about it. School starts on Wednesday :\ 
Hope everyone has a good weekend! Any plans?
17th-Aug-2008 12:52 pm(no subject)
I'm enjoying one of my last free weekends.. The parents are out of town, and my sibs left this week to go back to college, so I'm just sitting around. It's nice to be alone for a few days.

Me and a friend applied for tickets to Obama's big speech in Denver a couple weeks ago, and we haven't heard anything back. I'm so bummed. I really just want to go and see Hillary one more time. Plus, it will probably help me to like Obama some  more if I see him in person.
I wrote Hillary a letter the other day.. I'm contemplating sending it. She gets so many fanletters, you know, so what will mine matter?

I called the movie theater downtown about their X-Files poster the other day, to see if I could buy it... The guy was like, "I don't know. We might need it." So I asked when XF2 would be in town, and he told me it might skip us. Uh.... Ok, guy.

You guys... I am so fucked for this school year. Why do I do this to myself? All of my classes are AP.. There's Calculus, AP English, AP Biology, Chemistry 2, Spanish 4, Psychology, Sociology. I'm so scared that it's going to ruin my GPA, which I need to get this scholarship for the University of Wyoming.
But that's why I'm thinking I'll try not to spend too much time on here once school starts on the 27th. I might  scan my flist once in a while, but I can't afford too many distractions...

Anyways, I hope everyone is doing good. If I end up going to the rally (not likely) I will let you know and post pictures!
28th-Jul-2008 09:00 pm - Aliens?
XF2 Kiss
What I've heard more than once about I Want To Believe is that it "doesn't have enough aliens." Hm.
All I can say to that is The X-Files aren't all about aliens. It's about paranormal occurances, unsoved cases, and government conspiracies. It's a huge misconception of almost everyone that doesn't watch the show that it is all about aliens and UFOs.
And that's probably why it isn't doing too well (as much as it pains me to say it). Because it's just not what's expected.

But I'm still glad it's there. As someone so rightly put it on a discussion thread, it was a "love letter" to us fans. A love letter sprayed with some nice perfume and wrapped in a little bow. And I love it as such.

In other more depressing news, one of my cats died today. Ran up onto the highway behind the house and got hit by a car. He was only 2, and a wonderful little cat. I named him Jack, after Jack Shepard of Lost.

R.I.P. Jack
You were a good boy, and we'll miss you.
24th-Jul-2008 09:17 pm(no subject)


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